Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - January 2021


1.   Better Homes and Gardens released a special edition called Cozy Small Spaces. In it they recommended if you have to put a bed in front of a window, make sure that you have a see0through bed frame, especially if the room is small. I thought this was a great idea.

2.   Real Magazine reported that when Charles Gerba, PhD, a virology professor at the University of Arizona analyzed household surfaces he found cellphones had 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. I can tell you having been a trainer at Apple, I have seen some of the filthiest iPhones and iPads that you can imagine. I discovered that there are now devices that will sterilize your phones with UV light. Here is one from Amazon.

3.   Last month I commented on an Advent Calendar using envelopes on a framed corkboard. Even though Christmas is past, I thought this Advent Calendar from Homes and Gardens magazine was clever. It's simply small brown bags hanging down the wall. 

4.   Also in this month's Homes and Gardens was this arrangement of colored Pampas Grass. I didn't know they came in so many colors. However to get deep rich colors you have to dye them. Here are instructions from Fox Hollow Style.


5.   Did you know that decorating your front door is called "door scaping?" I didn't and just found out in this month's issue of Living Etc. And it's a thing... not just for Christmas. Google it or check it out on Pinterest.

6.   I saw this table in the UK January issue of Good Housekeeping. I love little fairy lights. I have some scattered around my yard that go inside wine bottles. I love them on my Christmas tree and have just placed an order for a curtain of lights that I can put in my bedroom. I never really thought about using them as table decorations. I love that. What a fun alternative to candles. And because you can get battery operated fairy lights there is no cord that needs to plug in. You can find them here.

7.   I was looking for a new novel and found this one, also in Good Housekeeping UK. The Guardian describes it as "The Big Chill with a dash of Big Little Lies." It's about four older women who have a lifelong friendship. Three of the women meed for a life-changing weekend in the beach house of a late friend. 

8.   In this month's Canadian Readers Digest there is a post about a challenge from The Getty Museum. Last March they challenged people on Twitter to re-create famous works of art with 3 things from around their homes. It's hysterical.

9.   I am a numbers nerd and for years I have loved reading the Harper's Index. This month's index has some interesting numbers related to the pandemic... 

Portion of single Americans who have had sex since the coronavirus pandemic began: 3/10

Portion of those single Americans whose sexual partner was a roommate with whom they were not in a relationship: ¼

Estimated percentage of weddings planned for a date between March and August last year that were rescheduled: 52

Estimated value of loans taken out by U.S. couples for canceled 2020 weddings: $3,700,000,000

10.  From the winter issue of iPhone Life Magazine - did you know that you blink up to 60% less when looking at a computer? That is why your eyes might often feel dry after a longer time on the computer. Blinking lubricates your eyes. So take a break and blink.