Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - December

1.   Did you know this was the last issue of O magazine after 245 issues over 20 years? Oprah had some cool favorite things. This crossbody bag is perfect for walking with 3 compartments and is available in a bunch of different colors. $35.20.

2.   I saw these wrapping clothes in Living Etc. Such a good idea for recycling wrap. I even found some with Christmas designs.

3.   I also saw this idea for decorating a stairs rail for the holiday. They are wedding decorations from India but I have seen similar pieces in Mexico.

4.   I love doing jigsaw puzzles with family during the holidays. We talk about all kinds of things between "Does anybody have a straight edge with lots of blue?" I saw this thousand piece earth puzzle in the December issue of Real Simple.

5.   AARP magazine said that 2020 has been the "Year of the Bookcase." With all our video calls we are seeing a lot of bookshelf as backgrounds. They give some helpful hints like Think Thematically (arrange by size, color), have a few of your favorite books facing out, fill the bookcase ⅔ full of books and ⅓ meaningful objects.

6.   I saw the ad for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom in this month's Vanity Fair. I love the blues and this movie is starring Viola Davis. On Netflix December 18th.

7.   I saw this article about snowflake pins in December Chatelaine Magazine. My two best friends and I have been collecting them for many years from flea markets. Love wearing mine in a cluster of 3. I also cover my Santa hat with them on Christmas Day. 

Here are a few that I like on Amazon...

I like having a couple different sizes. Plus they make nice wearable decorations on top of a package.
Set of three $10.99

8.   Love this idea from Women's Day. What a great advent calendar made with little envelopes, washiest tape, clip art. Fill with notes, gift cards, candy, tiny toys. The envelopes are pinned to a cork board and framed. 

9.   I think my favorite Tip this month is from  Reader's Digest. I don't know why I never read RD. They have some great ideas. This month they mentioned putting a paper clip at the end of a roll of tape so you don't have to dig out the ends with your nail. So simple, yet so handy.

10.  Another great idea from Reader's Digest is to make cleaning your car's cup holder easier. Simply put a reusable silicone cupcake liner in there. It captures all the dirt and crumbs and you just pull it out and wash. Here is a set of 24 two inch liners for just $8.99.