Easily Improve Your Photographs with Hipstamatic

Before and After
It really is easy these days to take a ho hum image and give it more impact. In the days of film, the "Before" image on the left would have needed a chunk of time in the darkroom to improve it. Not now.

The original photo was taken in Mexico with my iPhone. I then brought it into the Hipstamatic app and added the Jane Lens, Mount Royal Film and Tasty Pop Flash. I also added a vignette. It only took me a few minutes and the photo went from one I probably would have deleted to a photograph I would share with others. 

Also the "After" photo is more consistent with how the moment felt to me. Opening that door into the hidden garden felt mysterious and a bit magical. What would I find behind that old door? I want my photographs to reflect my feelings at the moment I snap my iPhone's shutter release. The Hipstamatic app easily helps me to do that.

Hipstamatic is my "go to" iPhone photography app. I like it so much I wrote an ebook filled with examples of my favorite combinations. It is called Hipstamatic Lens/Film Guide. You can click here to learn more.