Before and After - Step by Step Instructions for Making a Diptych and Adding Type to an Image

My theory is if you take a picture of your food, it sucks the calories right out. 

Want to make a diptych with your photographs? I used two apps to create the above image -  PhotoSplit and Phonto

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How I made Before and After...

I launched PhotoSplit and clicked on the layout icon in the upper left corner. I chose the layout with two side by side images that includes a border.  I tapped in the left box and then clicked on the polaroids icon in the bottom tool bar to select images from my Photo Library. I then tapped in the right box and again selected the polaroid icon.


To adjust the border, I clicked on the frame icon in the tool bar. A slider appears. I moved the slider to the right to increase the size of the white border. I then clicked on the share icon in the upper right corner to save the diptych to my Photos Library. I next wanted to add next on the bottom border so I launched the Phonto app and clicked on the camera at the bottom of the screen.

A filter screen appears. I did not want to add a filter to the image so I clicked “Done” in the upper right corner. Tap anywhere on the photograph to bring up the “Add Text” tab. Then tap on the tab to bring up the keyboard. I typed in the word “Before” and aligned the type to center and clicked on “Done” in the bottom right corner of the text box.

At first it looked like nothing was there. Then I realized the font was white and was in the white border area. That’s why I could not see it. I moved the text box with my finger onto the darker part of the image and then clicked on the “Style” tab to change the color of my text. I made sure the “Color” and the “Text” tabs were selected. I chose a reddish brown color to match the dark part of the cinnamon roll and clicked “Done” in the upper right corner. I tapped on the "Size" tab to resize the caption and then moved it into place with my finger. I repeated my actions to create the “After” text.

Once the type was all in place, I clicked on the share icon in the bottom right corner and then on “Save Image” in the next screen.