Using Paper Napkins in Mixed Media Journaling


In this collage journal page, I cut out images of legs and words from Dance magazines. I downloaded a stock image of the bird, cut it out and placed in on the woman's foot. 

I wrote a favorite dance quote of mine in white gel pen...

"The job of feet is walking but their hobby is dancing."
Amit Kalantri

I was then going to paint in an abstract but instead decided to tear up a paper napkin and glue the pieces down with matte medium. I learned this technique from the Australian painter Tracy Verdugo. It is so fun to shop for paper napkins that you might use in a painting or journal page.

Paper napkins usually come in two or three ply layers. This napkin had two layers of white backing. I gently pulled the layers apart so I was left with a fairly this piece of napkin. I painted the matte medium on my page with a brush, placed the napkin piece and then painted an additional layer of matte medium over it.