Send a Snail Mail Greeting Card From An App

Recently I wanted to send a snail mail card to friends in the U.S. Not an easy thing to do when sheltering in place in Mexico.

I discovered the Felt iPhone app which made it so easy. I could either use their images or my own. They are located in Colorado, so not only was it mailed from the U.S. to my friends in California and Washington, but I was helping the U.S. post office. They actually put a stamp on the envelope and addressed it for me.

Plus who doesn't love to get a snail mail card these days? An online card is just not the same as going to your mailbox and getting a surprise. 

I had the choice to send a single panel, 2, 3 or 4 panel cards. They even have gifts that you can add. There is lots to see on their web site.

Let someone know you are thinking about them during these difficult times. Or send off a birthday or fathers' day card. Your friends and family will appreciate it. It's fun, easy and reasonably priced.

By the way, the photo of the dog is one I took in Ajijic. Scottie is a well known dog around town. He was just sitting there by himself with his sunglasses on. Life in Mexico has surprises around every corner.

P.S. Someone asked if I get money from them. Nope. App is free. I get no $ from Felt. I just really like the app.