My Mexican Gardenia

Recently I was sitting in the Ajijic Plaza having a drink with friends. A woman pulling a wagon full of plants for sale approached us. She didn't say anything, just picked up a small gardenia plant and held it up so I could smell it. What a sales woman! She had me in less than 30 seconds. The plant looked very healthy and was only 100 pesos (about $5 U.S.).

I am a bit wary of gardenia plants as I have quickly killed everyone I have ever had. The flower buds turn brown and drop off. Well almost two weeks in and my gardenia and I are both happy. It has a new pot (also 100 pesos) and has grown quite a bit. I have had 4 gorgeous flowers and lots of little healthy buds waiting to bloom. 

I have it next to the front door so you get a whiff of the blossom when you walk in or out of my casita. I read to give it coffee grounds and have been doing that every few days.

Anyone have any gardenia tips. I am determined to keep this one healthy and happy.