Living My Dreams

iPhone photograph edited in Add Lib S and Rhonna apps to make graphic design
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I have heard so many people in Mexico say "I am living my dreams." I have never been so grateful on a daily basis than I am now. In my NOB life, my dreams often got buried under my To Do list. There was always paper work, and bills and taxes. Even good things in life seemed to create additions to that ever growing list of things that had to get done. And for those days when the ugly things took  over the To Do list... I created a playlist of songs to help me remember to put a star next to the items that give me the most joy.

Songs About Dreams
1.   California Dreamin' - The Mamas and Papas
2.   Day Dreaming - Corinne Bailey Rae
3.   Daydream - The Lovein' Spoonfill
4.  Follow Your Dream - Sheryl-Dawn Ryan
5.  A Dream Come True - Leon Russell and Elton John
6.   In Dreams - Roy Orbison
7.   I Have a Dream - Amanda Seyfried - From Mama Mia
8.   Sweet Dreams - The Eurythmics
9.   Workin' On a Dream - Bruce Springsteen
10. Dream Lover - Bobby Darin

The above image was created entirely in my iPhone. I took an iPhone photograph of the woman on a vintage postcard. I brought the image into the Add Lib S app and randomly chose a graphic. I then added "Hold Fast to Your Dreams" in the Rhonna Design app.