The Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Mystery Series

Still Life is the first book in a mystery series about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. A murder takes place in a rural village south of Montreal. The victim is Jane Neal, a retired school teacher. The locals believe it is a hunting accident, as who would possibly have anything against their beloved Jane. However Inspector Gamache and his colleagues begin to suspect it is murder. And there are quite a few suspects in the charming town of Three Pines.

I bought Still Life at the beginning of the summer and have zipped through the entire series. The last book (so far) is Glass Houses which I bought the day it came out and finished by the next day. No I did not get a whole lot done in that 24 hours but boy was it enjoyable.

The story line, characters and writing in these novels are captivating. If you like being hooked on a mystery and don't need to get a whole lot done for the next month, I highly recommend binge reading Louise Penny's series.

Still Life/Book One - from iBooks    from Amazon 

A Fatal Grace / Book Two - from iBooks   from Amazon

The Cruelest Month/ Book Three - from iBooks    from Amazon

A Rule Against Murder/ Book Four - from iBooks    from Amazon

The Brutal Telling / Book Five - from iBooks    from Amazon

Bury Your Dead/ Book Six - from iBooks    from Amazon

A Trick of the Light/ Book Seven - from iBooks    from Amazon

The Beautiful Mystery/Book Eight - from iBooks    from Amazon

How the Light Gets In/Book Nine - from iBooks    from Amazon

The Long Way Home/Book Ten - from iBooks    from Amazon

The Nature of the Beast/ Book Eleven - from iBooks    from Amazon

A Great Beckoning/Book Twelve - from iBooks    from Amazon

Glass Houses/Book Thirteen - from iBooks    from Amazon