What's in my iPhone Camera Bag?

Years ago I carried around huge camera bags filled with lenses, filters, multiple camera backs, film. In 2016 I got rid of all my old film and digital cameras. I now only use my iPhone 7Plus. My photo accessories bag is an old makeup bag that is faded canvas, from being put into the washing machine so many times. But it is the perfect size, is soft from the many washings and easily fits in my purse.

1. My iKlip selfie stick. I was never very big on selfie sticks. I thought they were kind of silly until a baby boomer customer showed me two recent photos of her and her college roommates. The first one was taken by her husband and it was a nice picture. The second photo was taken with a selfie stick a couple of minutes after the first. They were standing the same way. They had on the same clothes. They used the same iPhone. The lighting was the same. The only difference was the use of a selfie stick with the iPhone higher so the women had to slightly tilt up their heads. They all looked 10 years younger. I went right out and bought a selfie stick! I like the iKlip because it comes apart and fits easily in my iPhone camera bag. It also works as a tripod. It's $39 on Amazon.

2. I have loved polaroids since I was a kid. I no longer have the camera, but I do have a small Polaroid Zip Printer . It still feels like magic. The prints are small, just 2x3 inches but fun while traveling or at a party. Printer is $123.88 on Amazon 30 Pack Paper is $14.99, 50 Pack Paper is $24.88.

3. I keep a set of Apple Earpods in my bag, mostly in case I am shooting in low light and want to use the volume button as a remote shutter.

4. I keep one or two of my
 10 Pack Colorful Cleaning Cloths in my bag to clean my iPhone’s front screen and my camera lenses. They are pretty inexpensive and it’s good to have extras. Amazon $8.99.

5. I am not a big stylus fan, however when retouching an image it is sometimes difficult to see what is happening under my finger.
Jot Pro 2 Stylus by Adonit has a clear plastic disk at the point of the stylus so you can clearly see your retouching. On Amazon for $21.49.

6. The Nova Off Camera Wireless Flash is my “go to” flash for my iPhone. It has 40 tiny LED lights that are softly diffused. Nova works with an app and is small enough to fit into your wallet. On Amazon for $59.

7. To charge all the gadgets in my camera bag, I use the 
Zilu Desktop Charger Amazon for $17.99.

8. Charge cables for my Nova Flash and Polaroid Printer.

9. Charging Cable for my iPhone and iPad. To keep people from picking up my cables by mistake, I put colorful little beads on them from ID Beads. They also have family packs and beads for earphones.

10. Never forget your Apple Wall Charger. I usually carry the smaller 5W charger and the 12W charger because I most always have both my iPhone and iPad with me. They are $19 each at Apple.