"This" App

"This" is one of my Top Ten Apps. It was created by TinRocket, the same developer that created another one of my favorite apps "Waterlogue." 

"This" is a great app for putting pointers, labels, descriptions and how-to steps onto a picture. It's also a very easy app to use.

1.  Open the app and tap on the red camera icon in the bottom left corner to bring a picture in from your photo library. Tap on the spot where you want the end of the pointer to be, then drag until you see (this)

2.  Tap on the word (this) to bring up the keyboard. Type the word, description, label that you want connected to the end of the pointer.

3.  You can move the pointer and type around with your finger until you have it placed in just the right place.

4.  Continue with other words/descriptions. If you do not want a pointer, just push the type up until the pointer disappears.

5.  Swipe up on the tab at the bottom to change fonts between black and white, and small, medium and large.

6.  To delete a pointer just drag it off of the image until you see the red X and let go. Click on the share icon to save.
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